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world obesity day

The Big Problem

None of us feel especially proud when the number on our weighing scales reads anything more than to say ‘healthy’. Fighting the ‘obese’ tag is not just a physical struggle but an emotional warfare because not only do you go hard on yourself but society makes it even harder by judging the extra fat with no mercy. With current trends, 2.7 billion adults will be overweight and obese by 2025. World Obesity Day is celebrated on October 11 to [...]


Karmagenes – Know Your DNA Personality

“Am I an extrovert or an introvert?” “Why do some behaviors come easily to others, and not to me?” “How likely am I to take risks or think strategically or follow my passions?” Such existential questions often keep people preoccupied, leading them to a variety of personality tests in a quest to understand themselves better. As most of these tests are based on self-assessments, there is often a high risk of inaccuracy based on the test taker’s subjectivity or [...]

The 4th Middle East Molecular Biology Congress and Exhibition 2017 – Abu Dhabi

MEMBS is the Middle East's largest inclusive community of biomedical engineers. Founded in Dubai, on Nov 19, 2012,MEMBS membership comprises a wide range of practicing professionals and students that make up the more than 10,000 members Middle East wide. MEMBS is a leading scientific voice for Molecular Biology, the fundamental element of all life . The annual congress is the most prominent Molecular Biology event of its kind in the Middle East and Arab world, held in a different country [...]


Let’s Keep That Heart Pumping

It’s not just for any reason that a healthy heart is considered the epitome of a healthy life. The fragility of the heart is as salient as its power. According to the Global Atlas on cardiovascular disease prevention and stroke, over 17.5 million deaths each year are caused by cardiovascular diseases (CVD). Created by the World Heart Federation, World Heart Day is celebrated on 29th September every year to spread awareness as well as accelerate the race towards 25% reduction [...]


Losing Your Mind To Alzheimer’s Disease

"It occurred to me that at one point it was like I had two diseases — one was Alzheimer’s, and the other was knowing I had Alzheimer’s." - Terry Pratchett First, Alzheimer's appears as mild memory loss: familiar names get inverted with one another, and the temporal perception seems a bit shaky. However, from the moment of its inception, the disease follows a slow and progressive degradation of all sorts of memory, social, and physical abilities. It is a terrifying phantom [...]

sleep 1

The Sleep Battle

There are many of us who can sleep for hours at a time and yet wake up feeling tired. While this is often passed off as just a tough week, or later nights than you’re used to, extreme fatigue is something that needs to be taken seriously. September 4th to 10th marked Idiopathic Hypersomnia awareness week, and this year, the central theme is Research, with a mission to ward off misconceptions about the condition, urge more appropriate and reliable [...]

Color Blindness Awareness Day

September 6, each year, seeks to ignite awareness and reflection towards a rare condition, called Color Vision Deficiency (CVD), better known as Color Blindness. The struggle of a chromosomal deficiency such as this can be very irking in day-to-day life. From trying to distinguish fruits at a market, or telling the difference between the green and red light of a traffic signal, CVD is not something to take lightly. It is very real, and many people are affected by it [...]

psoriasis - 1

Acknowledging A World Beyond Psoriasis

Flawless and healthy skin is not an unreasonable desire to have. But it is unwise to let a superficial condition, like psoriasis dig deep and force you to run away from who you are and who you want to be. According to the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA), about 3% of the world’s population has some form of psoriasis. However, its prevalence in the U.A.E. is more than double the amount, at the rate of about 8000 being affected [...]

non-invasive prenatal test

Non-Invasive Prenatal Test: The Facts

“Knowing is better than wondering, waking is better than sleeping…” Once, the possibility to analyze the future development of a growing fetus would have been unimaginable. Birth was a surprise; nothing could be expected, not even life. Today things have changed profoundly. Through technology we have gifted ourselves with the power to prevent a number of birth defects, or simply raise awareness regarding the condition of a future baby. The concerns that haunt a pregnant mother are many: Will the [...]

weight loss

Slim Pickings: Managing Your Weight

“Exercise.” “Eat clean.” “Make sure you burn more calories than you consume.” Does this sound all too familiar? While all the above pieces of advice are spot-on, they often become repetitive, making the process of losing weight - and then maintaining it - seem mechanical, and in some cases, unrealistic. To help you see a more sustainable side of weight loss and management, we’ve put down five tips that one rarely hears but hits the reality spot when going about [...]