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Be alert! Know the facts about Colorectal Cancer

  More than 90% of Colorectal Cancer occurs to people aged 50 and above. According to an article in Gulf News1, "In the UAE, colon cancer in Emirati men occurs at an earlier average age of 47 compared to 50 in the West."  There is said to be more incidence of CRC in men as compared to women. How does it develop? Most commonly begins with a polyp in the innermost layer of the colon or rectum. In some cases the growth [...]

Four things you have to know in living healthy.

This is a call to living healthy! With the sedentary lifestyle, socioeconomic factors, habits, and demands from everyday life can anyone really say that they are living healthy? If so, how much effort does one put into one's health and how? Here are four things you have to realize in pursuit of living healthy. Health is not defined by trends In a digital and trend dependent millennia, many had been moved into habits of living a lifestyle brought about by hype in [...]

Telomere facts and how easy the chances of acquiring certain disease is.

A Telomere is the structure at the ends of chromosomes. Its main function is to act as “caps” to protect genes in the process of cellular division. Each time a cell divides, a portion of the telomere is eroded slightly (a phenomenon known as the “end-replication problem”). When the telomeres reach a critically short length, cell division stops and these cells enter replicative senescence or apoptosis, and eventually die. Critically short telomeres contribute to the onset of chronic and age-related diseases including [...]

Food Intolerance 101: Stop putting your health in jeopardy.

Food Intolerance affects everyone. Wellness and healthy living is not limited trends & eating what is dubbed healthy by the media. Start with what you eat.   In ensuring holistic diet, following trends is not enough eating what the trend says is healthy doesn't always work. One must know your body down to minute details. With these ongoing trends of detox cleansing diets, protein shakes, expensive meal plans, the hype for healthy fat such as avocado, more harm is caused than good to one's body. Living a [...]