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The 4th Middle East Molecular Biology Congress and Exhibition 2017 – Abu Dhabi

MEMBS is the Middle East's largest inclusive community of biomedical engineers. Founded in Dubai, on Nov 19, 2012,MEMBS membership comprises a wide range of practicing professionals and students that make up the more than 10,000 members Middle East wide. MEMBS is a leading scientific voice for Molecular Biology, the fundamental element of all life . The annual congress is the most prominent Molecular Biology event of its kind in the Middle East and Arab world, held in a different country [...]

The pros and cons of a DNA test to determine potential health issues

In June this year, a video titled The DNA Journey went viral. In it, 67 people from all over the world took a closer look at their ancestry. After a quick spit into a jar, their DNA was sent away and the participants were asked to return two weeks later. Many of the results were, to say the least, surprising. Those who expressed a strong sense of nationalism and felt a tie to their countries, and equally a dislike [...]

Eastern Biotech, a Dubai based biotech company, introduces Telomere Test to the GCC countries.

Life Length, based in Madrid, Spain, the world leader in telomere testing appoints Eastern Biotech as its exclusive partner in the region to launch this state of the art diagnostic product. Are Telomeres the key to aging? Telomere Analysis Technology® has the potential to estimate true Biological age and help in early intervention of lifestyle disorders. Telomere length is increasingly being recognized as an independent variable in predicting disease. A study of more than 43,000 subjects reported in the British Medical [...]

Eastern Biotech participates in the DuBiotech Internship Career Fair at the DuBiotech Park

Dubai, UAE - The internship fair was organized by the TECOM Science Cluster – DuBiotech and Enpark in association with Dubai International Academic City. Students enrolled in Biotechnology, Chemical, Environment and Energy programmes attended and explored internship opportunities with DuBiotech and Enpark companies, which included Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences. The students were from various universities including American University of Sharjah, University of Modern Sciences, Manipal University Dubai, BITS Dubai, Amity University Dubai, University of Sharjah, Heriot-Watt University etc.

Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences launches new clinical laboratory in Dubai

Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences officially launched its new laboratory Eastern Clinical Laboratories which is located at Al Barsha, Dubai. The new lab will be able to offer a comprehensive list of tests routinely assessed and interpreted by the lab’s Pathologist. The set up of this lab will now be able to offer greater cost effectiveness with the added benefit of shorter turnaround times and by significantly reducing international send outs. Dr. Rajesh Menon, Chief Operating Officer, Eastern Clinical Laboratories, [...]