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DNA Relationship Testing
What is Paternity Testing?
Why do Paternity Testing?
How it works
Our Tests

DNA Relationship Testing

We are able to offer you relationship testing to suit your needs, using swabs taken from the inside of a person’s mouth. Using advanced technology, we analyze and compare these collected cheek cells to determine any Relationship Test Dubairelationships that may be present between people. Perhaps you would like to prove the biological father of a child (Paternity Test) or maybe establish other relationship links such as brother to brother for example. With simple, painless and highly accurate DNA matching techniques, we can provide you with this definitive information.

What is Paternity Testing?

Paternity DNA testing is the most accurate method of proving the biological father of a child. From simple buccal (mouth) swabs, cheek cells are analysed in the laboratory to determine the relationship between the father and the child.

DNA or Deoxyribonucleic Acid is the genetic material contained in a cell. The DNA in every person is the combination of genes inherited from both the mother and their father.

Only one tenth of a single percent of DNA varies from one person to the next making every individual unique.

Why do Paternity Testing?

There are many reasons why paternity testing is carried out and may include the following:
  • To determine the biological father of the child
  • To prevent disputes in adoptions
  • For immigration purposes
  • To determine financial issues of supporting the child
  • To establish inheritance benefits
  • To strengthen the bond between father and child
  • To obtain medical history
The mother's DNA sample is not needed to perform the Paternity Test. These tests are accurate, confidential, inexpensive, and pain free. Our collection kit is sent directly to your home for you to complete in the comfort of your home at a time convenient to yourself. There are simple to follow instructions included in the test kits, which enable you to collect the samples without any difficulties. Our tests are extremely accurate with high accuracy ranging from 99.9% to our Super Test at 99.9999%.

Paternity test Categories

Peace of mind:
This is only for one's peace of mind and the report cannot be presented to any legal entities as the samples are collected by the client themselves, so the implication of mother's consent is solely the responsibility of the client.

Legal Paternity test:
The sampling for this analysis is done in front of a Doctor and the reports can be used for immigration or other legal disputes. Here, the mother's sample are needed and taken in front of the doctor too.

** Please remember that neither of them will be valid in UAE court as the relationship test for any legal issues in UAE will be only accepted in case the analysis is carried out in the Foreign sic laboratory of UAE.

How it works

  • Order through our online payment section by clicking the button next to the test you require.
  • One of our staff members will contact you promptly and provide all the necessary information.
  • A DNA cheek swab sampling kit will be sent out to you by courier whereby you will be asked for a sample of both persons requiring testing.
  • Our courier will collect the sample from your home/office at your convenience.
  • Your sample will be processed at our affiliate laboratory and the report will be delivered to you by email once results are obtained.
** Peace of mind: We usually prefer to send the kits (mouth swab) to our clients for sampling. In special cases, blood samples are also accepted. Other samples are considered as discreet samples and we do not guarantee the outcome of the report. In case, enough DNA could not be extracted from the discreet sample, we ask them to provide Swab samples provided by us.

** Legal Paternity Test: It is mandatory to use our swabs for this test.

Our Tests

Test Name Test Price Test Price + Express Courier
Paternity / Maternity Test
(father to child or mother to child)
1800 AED
1865 AED
Sample Kit Deliver By:
Full Sibling Test
(between brother & sister to prove they share same father or mother)
2200 AED 2265 AED
Sample Kit Deliver By:
Y Chromosome Test
(between two males to prove they share same father or same paternal line)
2200 AED 2265 AED
Sample Kit Deliver By:
X Chromosome Test
(between two females to prove they share same father or grandmother (father side) to granddaughter or cousins)
2200 AED 2265 AED
Sample Kit Deliver By:
Mitochondrial DNA Test
(sibling test to prove relationship with mother or grandmother (mother side) to grandchildren or maternal line relationships)
2200 AED 2265 AED
Sample Kit Deliver By:
Twin Tests
(determine if twins are identical or nonidentical)
1800 AED 1865 AED
Sample Kit Deliver By:
DNA Banking
(Secure storage of DNA samples for 15 years)
1500 AED 1565 AED
Sample Kit Deliver By:
DNA Profiling
(Individual DNA identification)
1200 AED 1265 AED
Sample Kit Deliver By:
DNA Banking & Profiling 2200 AED 2265 AED
Sample Kit Deliver By:
Extra Tested Person
(for any test)
675 AED -
Discrete sample
(for any test)
675 AED -

Provide us with your correct address and contact details to send the DNA Sample Collection Kit, which include:

• An envelope contain two swabs for each person

• Forms & description of how to collect the samples

• Biohazard bag

• Return Envelope

Follow the instructions to collect samples, and then send them back to the address on the return envelope using any convenient courier method.

Or visit us in our facility for sample collection, we work Sun to Thu, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and this is our address:

Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences
Al-Barsha, Opposite Lulu Hypermarket,
Elite Business Tower, 1st Floor#109
Dubai, UAE.
P. O. Box: 212671
Tel.: 0097143255730
Mobile: 00971 55 3747 528

Payment Options:

• Cash or Cards (during our lab visit)

• Bank transferring on our account:

IBAN: AE91 0260 0010 1429 2027 401
Swift Code: EBILAEAD
Bank Name: Emirates NBD
Branch: Media City Brach, Dubai, UAE
Account number: 101 4292 0274 01
Bank Acnt. Details: Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences FZ LLC


Eastern Biotech is proud to announce its own diagnostic laboratory in Dubai, Eastern Clinical Laboratories, to serve its clients in the UAE & GCC.

Lab Timings 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Eastern Clinical Laboratories
P.O.Box 212671 Elite Business Center, 1st Floor, Office No. 105 Al Barsha,
Behind Mall of Emirates, Dubai, UAE
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