Four things you know about having a healthy lifestyle.

Four things you have to know in living healthy.

Four things you have to know in living healthy.


This is a call to living healthy! With the sedentary lifestyle, socioeconomic factors, habits, and demands from everyday life can anyone really say that they are living healthy? If so, how much effort does one put into one’s health and how?

Here are four things you have to realize in pursuit of living healthy.

  1. Health is not defined by trends

In a digital and trend dependent millennia, many had been moved into habits of living a lifestyle brought about by hype in health and fitness. The Atkins diet drowned under the rise of calorie counted meals and the trend of protein Shakes. Before you knew it, seasons changed & it’s again out with the old and in with the new. Thus, the rise of avocado “the good fat”, the demand for Chai seeds and the detox tea. With these, most people may do more harm to their bodies than actually living healthy. These diet trends may not be applicable to you, worst, you might be intolerant of these trend advertised food. This brings us to number two…

  1. Health is personal

It’s between you & your body. There is way too much science involved in one’s physic, no trend can justify that. Each person is unique, our development links to our genetics. Genetics is accountable of not only one’s physical characteristics but an individual’s response to signals from the environment, an individual’s potentials, resistance and susceptibility in developing certain diseases.

  1. It can be optimized by Genetic Tests

Analyzing one’s genetics is helpful to achieve a quality lifestyle. One can now utilize potentials and skills from the insights based on genetics. With this, should you be found of having high risks for a certain disease, changes in lifestyle and early screening can be done as preventive measures for acquiring the disease and any other health issues?

  1. You decide when to start living healthy

..however, the sooner the better. Going back to number one of health being personal and how we started this article, the world demands so much from us. We are not living any younger, the demands are not getting any lesser, socioeconomic factors are getting more suppressing that the unhealthy lifestyles are getting cheaper and it comes with options of being “instant” and convenient for us.

We cannot stress it even more how one should take the step now to a commitment to living healthy. Start with knowing your body – down to GENETICS!

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