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Media and Press Releases

Blood Test Drive conducted at ANG Automation Solutions as part of their Workplace Wellness plank

  June 07, 2014
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Eastern Biotech participates in the DuBiotech Internship Career Fair at the DuBiotech Park

The internship fair was organized by the TECOM Science Cluster – DuBiotech and Enpark in association with Dubai International Academic City. Students enrolled in Biotechnology, Chemical, Environment and Energy programmes attended and explored internship opportunities with DuBiotech and Enpark companies, which included Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences.

The students were from various universities including American University of Sharjah, University of Modern Sciences, Manipal University Dubai, BITS Dubai, Amity University Dubai, University of Sharjah, Heriot-Watt University etc.
  May 06, 2014 Eastern Biotech participates in the DuBiotech Internship Career Fair at the DuBiotech Park
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Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences launches new clinical laboratory in Dubai

Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences officially launched its new laboratory Eastern Clinical Laboratories which is located at Al Barsha, Dubai. The new lab will be able to offer a comprehensive list of tests routinely assessed and interpreted by the lab’s Pathologist. The set up of this lab will now be able to offer greater cost effectiveness with the added benefit of shorter turnaround times and by significantly reducing international send outs.

Dr. Rajesh Menon, Chief Operating Officer, Eastern Clinical Laboratories, UAE said, "Eastern Clinical Laboratories has opened in par with the Dubai Health Authority’s regulations in handling all samples through a laboratory. The opening of the laboratory has also allowed us to maintain optimum quality of the sample without the need for repeat samples".

"As part of the Eastern group of companies, we are proud to have achieved this milestone as the company was built on a vision to be the leading providers of predictive and preventive healthcare services".

  April 24, 2014 Eastern Clinical Laboratories in Dubai
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Tracing your Ancestry through DNA testing

It has been in all over the news that Prince Harry and his girlfriend Cressida Bonas are related through their common ancestral blood relative Lady Georgiana Spencer-Churchill who happens to be aunt of Winston Churchill. How were they able to find out this relation? Through the revolutionary genealogical DNA tests.

This is not the first time that DNA tests have uncovered such interesting and eye-opening information. DNA tests have been widely used by individuals and in groups for understanding and finding their family origins, geographical roots and/or ethnic origins. Famous celebrities like Harrison Ford found out his Irish origins through the DNA tests. Hitler descended from the Jews that he detested so much. Even the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has been presented with a puzzle from her past. The DNA her daughter of Carol Thatcher shows that 24 percent of her genes are Middle Eastern. This Arab proportion is much higher than for most Brits. DNA test has been one of those radical advances in biotechnological world that has allowed us to uncover our roots like never before.
  March 19, 2014
Tracing your Ancestry through DNA testing
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Our nutrition consultant was recently interviewed by Tim Elliot from Dubai Eye during the Drive Live show.

During the interview, Catherine talked about the difference between food intolerance and allergy which many people tend to get confused about. Listen to the interview here.
  March 03, 2014 SME 100: A milestone for Dubai, The Intelligent SME
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New You Middle East magazine features our Research Director Dr Sanjida in their latest issue which discusses Preventive Screenings.
  February 03, 2014 SME 100: A milestone for Dubai, The Intelligent SME
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Should you get tested for the cancer gene?
Angelina Jolie’s mastectomy has raised awareness of the test for the faulty BRCA 1 gene, which increases a woman’s risk of breast and ovarian cancer. But the decision to discover what lies in your genes is not one to be taken lightly, says Carol Davis
  July 17, 2013

Should you get tested for the cancer gene?
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Winners of the Gulf Capital SMEinfo Awards 2012:

Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences was founded under DuBiotech in August 2005 with the objective of bringing the cutting edge genetic technologies to The Middle East. Our working principle and motto "Predictive, Preventive, Personalized Healthcare" is to bring the very latest preventive diagnostic products such as genetic testing, molecular diagnostics and other high end tests to the people of the Middle East to match with our key vision.

Our consistent growth strategy and creativity helped us to achieve continuous growth that facilitated us to be ranked 19th in the DubaiSME100, 2011. Being awarded with ISO 9001: 2008, we are now looking forward to expanding our operations within the country and regionally.
  November 07, 2012

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Winners of the Gulf Capital SMEinfo Awards 2012
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New gluten-free stores reflect UAE demand

If untreated, condition could lead to difficulty in digesting food and malnutrition

Dubai: With more and more gluten-free products hitting supermarket shelves and new specialty stores catering to those in search of a gluten-free diet, experts believe supply is finally matching demand in the UAE.
  February 02, 2012
New gluten-free stores reflect UAE demand
SME 100: A milestone for Dubai,

Dubai SME announced the names of the emirate’s top 100 SMEs earlier this month at a ranking ceremony.

"Health care is a unique industry, which is relatively resistant to market volatility. We have grown in terms of turnover and market penetration by applying innovative business tools coupled with enhancement in our customer service and quality certification"

  April 2012
The Intelligent SME

SME 100: A milestone for Dubai, The Intelligent SME
Eastern Biotech is nominated for Stars of Business Awards 2011 in 3 different categories, ie.
  • Health and Wellness
  • Effective Financial Implementation
  • Best Technology Implementation.
Star SME Award is organized by CPI, Dubai which is supported by ADCB Du.

SMEs make up a huge percentage of business, yet not enough is done to promote these future large enterprises. That's about to change. The SME Advisor "Stars of Business" Awards 2010 aim to encourage regional businesses and best practice.

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Dubai SME MIDDLE EAST Awards 2011
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A Single Mouth Swab can reveal 47 Disease Risks Arab Health
We inherited two copies of the genetic blueprint necessary to create a human.
One copy from your mother (one chromosome from each pair) and one copy from your father (the other chromosome from each pair).
  Issue 5 2011
A Single Mouth Swab can reveal 47 Disease Risks
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Premarital tests on the increase UAE Health
Dubai: Mandatory premarital testing for genetic and sexually transmitted diseases for all residents is working and the number of couples being tested is going up steadily, according to the Ministry of Health.

  February 22, 2011
Premarital tests on the increase (Gulfnews UAE Health)
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Longevity by replacing depleted body hormones
Each one of us wants to remain young and healthy forever. Unfortunately, no one can stop the ravages of time and the process of ageing though we can certainly slow it down.
  6 February 2011, 6:47 AM
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A Small Change of Diet Could Change Your Life Just Within Days
We often suffer from chronic health problems without knowing the reason. Sometimes the symptoms are hard to explain and seem unconnected to a cause. Melanie Thompson, a resident of Dubai for the last 15 years was suffering from unknown sickness, including feeling unnecessarily tired and overweight. After years of poor health, she discovered that she is intolerant to wheat. Now that she knows, makes all the difference. It is easier for her to avoid problem foods. She is slim, healthy and full of energy- persistent health problems have disappeared. She never thought a simple diet change could make her life so much better.
August 2010 / Vol. XXV Issue 4
MENA health World
Meena Health World
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Risk Reduction of Genetic Premarital & Neonatal
By Sanjida Ahmed (PhD), Director Research Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences, DuBiotech, Dubai, UAE
  MedLab Issue 2 2010
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Does food make you ill?
Nutritionist explains the difference between food allergy and intolerance

Dubai: Each one of us suffers from some form of food sensitivity that we do not know about and the symptoms are triggered by the environment we live in, said a nutritionist.

Dr Sanjida Ahmad, research director at Eastern Biotech and Life Sciences, says there has been no study done to prove that food intolerance is due to the way we grow our foods today. Food hypersensitivity or food intolerance "is more chronic, less acute, less obvious in its presentation, and often more difficult to diagnose than a food allergy," she says. "Symptoms of food intolerance vary greatly, and can be mistaken for the symptoms of a food allergy."

  May 7, 2010
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Newborn blood spot screening identifies babies who may have rare but serious conditions. Most babies screened will not have any of the conditions but, for the small numbers that do the benefits of screening are enormous. Early treatment can improve their health and prevent severe disability or ever death   Issue Five-2009
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Genetic Testing Soon to Screen for Breast Cancer
DUBAI — Genetic testing may soon be part of the UAE’s national breast cancer screening programme, according to health officials.   29-October-2009
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All you need to know about GENETIC SCREENING
By finding out what lies on your health horizon, you can take positive steps to minimise risk.

Auguest- 2009
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Personal medicine becomes a reality
Chicago Better diagnostic tests and pressure to lower healthcare costs may finally usher in the era of personalized medicine

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Cervical Cancer & STIs- Cutting Edge Technologies & Management Strategies      
Over 75 doctors from the UAE attended Continuous Medical Education Seminar (CME) organized by Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences on “Cervical Cancer & STIs- Cutting Edge Technologies & Management Strategies”
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DNA could illuminate Islam’s lineage
Rasha Elass
Last Updated: June 18. 2009 10:57PM UAE / June 18. 2009 6:57PM GMT

For almost 1,600 years, the title Sharif, Sayyed, or Habib has been bestowed on Muslims who have been able to trace their roots back to the Prophet Mohammed through intricate family trees, oral histories and genealogical records. But....

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A Closer Look at DNA Profiles with deCODEme-Personal Genome Scan
Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences pres¬ents deCODEme- Personal Genome Scan which is the world's first service to offer a comprehensive genome scan and online analysis of one's unique DNA profile by scanning one million variants in his/her genome.
  MENA Health World
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Genetic identity
The unraveling of the human genome has revealed a unique and complex genetic epidemiology among Arab populations that will impact heavily on future healthcare policy in the region.
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Genetic faults: Screening crucial for babies      
A test for babies within 72 hours of birth helps detect metabolic disorders that are treatable when detected early on.

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Where Do I Come From?
New DNA analysis technology can trace genes back 150,000 years to a time when humans were migrating across the globe from Africa and evolving into the distinct races that we know today...
  aQuarius agazine
"Where Do I Come From? "
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Home Testing Kits for Predictive Genetic Test in Middle East
Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences became one of the corporate client entities of DuBiotech in November 2005. Its vision is to promote the health of the people of the United Arab Emirates
  Arab Health World
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Tracing your Roots
Where do you come from; why are you the way you are; why you have certain conditions? The answers to all these questions are locked away in your genetic code. The key to this Pandora's box…
  Gulf News / Friday
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Genetic testing rarely used but effective weapon to prevent disease
Breast cancer risks for women in the UAE range from one in ten to one in 500, due to a lack of genetic statistics in the region, according to a geneticist specialising in cancer. Breast cancer is primarily
  Gulf News
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Getting your family history in order
Once we through that poor health was simply bad luck. Simone pitsis discovers the health truths hiding in out family tree ..
  Emirates Woman
November- 2007
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Crack your health code
Are you afraid that age and hereditary disease will get you sooner or later? Now with a revolutionary medical testing available in Dubai, you can take the fight to your system and...
  Khaleej Times
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Science of tomorrow in a simple lab test
Sandra Berninger can rest easy for now. Ever since her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, the Dubai resident has been having sleepless nights. Having already lost three relatives to cancer
  Emirates Today
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The Story of you - DNA The code of life
We all have something in common with people who've lived 500 or even 1,000 years ago! Every single cell in your body has a part of them. Freaky, isn't it?.
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Cancer Detection- Awareness holds key
PEOPLE in the region lack awareness about blood and genetic tests for early detection of cancer, said an expert, according to whom analysing tumour markers and gene
  Gulf Today
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Know your Gene
Forget the family tree. Finding out who your ancestors were 150,000 years ago is just a DNA swab away as a new service in Dubai promises to identify all that and more…
  UAE Digest
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Trace your ROOTS for just DH 1000
The latest genetic research that enables a person to trace back their ancestors by around 150,000 years arrives in Dubai…
  Khaleej Times (City times)
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Gene Genie is Here
DUBAI Imagine having a chance to find out which diseases you're likely to suffer from in the future. That's what UAE firm Eastern Biotech is offering …
  XPRESS Gulf News
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Ancestry: Unlocking The Past
With the services offered by one company in the UAE, you can now trace your roots back almost 150,000 years and all you need is a mouth swab
  XPRESS Gulf News
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"Where Do I Come From? " Home Testing Kits Tracing your Roots Genetic Testing in Dubai Get your Family History Crack your health code Science of tomorrow in a simple lab test Trace your ROOTS for just DH 1000 Gene Genie is Here

Eastern Biotech is proud to announce its own diagnostic laboratory in Dubai, Eastern Clinical Laboratories, to serve its clients in the UAE & GCC.

Lab Timings 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Eastern Clinical Laboratories
P.O.Box 212671 Elite Business Center, 1st Floor, Office No. 105 Al Barsha,
Behind Mall of Emirates, Dubai, UAE
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