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Message from the Chairman

“The only thing that is constant is change”, said Heraclitus in 500 BC.

2500 years later, we are living through changes at a pace that is unprecedented in the history of mankind. In the last two decades, the phenomenal advances in the fields of Information Technology and Biotechnology have fueled a revolution in the field of healthcare that is leading us into a whole new dimension. It’s a dimension where “preventive, predictive, personalised healthcare” will be a reality.
Eastern Biotech launched itself with that vision of preventive predictive personalised healthcare in 2005, and 10 years later, I feel we have arrived at the realization of that vision. Today, individuals are seeking to take control of their health, and they are seeking tools to be able to do so. Eastern Biotech has positioned itself at the forefront to provide its customers the opportunity to do so. Using cutting edge information technology tools such as the web portal and the web app, and in-depth research into the increasingly popular diagnostic products such as the newborn screening, food intolerance tests, predictive genetic/genomics tests, Eastern group of companies are here to help the individuals gain control of their health within the reach of their mobile devices at an affordable cost.
I am confident that our companies will lead this paradigm shift into the new dimension of healthcare, through constant evolution and adoption of the latest advances in the fields of IT and Biotech. We commit to embrace change and grow with it to add value to our clients and ourselves.