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What is Newborn Screening?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the test done?
The test is done to find out if your baby has a disease or condition for which early treatment can help prevent physical or mental disability or even death. Newborn screening has been adopted by most countries around the world, though the list of screened diseases varies widely.

How many disorders are usually detected by NBS?

Every country has created their own parameter of disorders which are detected through Newborn Screening, depending on the prevalence of the diseases in that region. Most of the States in USA screen for around 30 parameters. The comprehensive Newborn Screening programme that Eastern Innovative offers, screens for 50+ IEM disorders which are curable if detected at an early stage.

Is my baby at risk even if we have no family history of these disorders?
Parents who have no family history of health problems and already have healthy children can still have children with these disorders. In fact, most children with these disorders come from families with no previous history of the condition.

Should I still ask for the analysis if my baby looks healthy?
Most babies with disorders look and act normal and seem perfectly healthy. The newborn screening test helps your doctor identify a problem with your baby before it makes him or her sick. Toxic build up can be rapid enough for the condition to become irreversible within just a few days after birth. Most babies that are diagnosed and treated early do very well. The earlier the diagnosis is made, the higher the chance of a good prognosis.

What are the treatments for these disorders?
Treatment usually consists of dietary restrictions, special formulas, medication, and/or dietary supplements. Without appropriate management, some disorders can cause severe disability or death.

Is it too late to conduct the test if my baby is two years old?
No. You can take the test up until they reach the age of 18.

How is the test performed?
The test is performed by pricking your baby’s heel and collecting a few drops of blood on a special filter paper. The paper is allowed to dry and then sent to the Laboratory for analysis.

What is a Retest?
If the result of your child's test is abnormal, a repeat test or a ‘retest’ is usually required. A request for a retest does not necessarily mean your child has a disorder, but it is possible. If you are asked for a retest, it is important that you take your baby for the retest as soon as possible.

How will I know the results of my baby’s test?
Generally, the results are sent to the physician directly. Please call your doctor to obtain the results of your test. If your child’s test shows an abnormal result, you will be notified immediately and given directions about what to do next. Follow the directions of your doctor very carefully.


Eastern Biotech is proud to announce its own diagnostic laboratory in Dubai, Eastern Clinical Laboratories, to serve its clients in the UAE & GCC.

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Eastern Clinical Laboratories
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