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Anti-Aging & Wellness Profiles

Anti-Aging & Wellness Profiles

Anti-aging medicine is the pinnacle of biotechnology joined with advanced clinical preventive medicine. The specialty is founded on the application of advanced scientific and medical technologies for the early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related dysfunction, disorders, and diseases. The anti-aging medical model aims to both extend lifespan as well as prolong health span. To support the anti aging medical model, Eastern Biotech & life sciences has added several specialty profiles that will help ndividuals manage & improve their health to live productively and independently.

  • Adrenal-Stress

    Adrenal Stress Profile

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    The Adrenal Stress profile measures the DHEA and diurnal Cortisols, and is the accepted industry standard for evaluating adrenal health. Samples collected at four critical time points in one day provide a useful picture of adrenal function to help patients dealing with stress-related symptoms and disorders. The difference between stress we can handle and stress that gets out of hand is the difference between adrenal balance or imbalance. Both high and lows of the key adrenal hormones, DHEA and Cortisol, can play havoc with body systems and related hormones – triggering further imbalances.

  • Fertility-Profile

    Fertility Profile

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    The profile provides a thorough evaluation that can identify many problems related to hormone imbalances that affect fertility. Early detection can help your patients address those issues and identify the need for more specialized care. Patients can collect their samples conveniently and at the appropriate cycle times with minimal disruption to their lives and busy work schedules. Sampling is done on days 3 and 21 of the menstrual cycle. Dried blood spot samples are collected on days 3 and 21 of the menstrual cycle, and saliva samples are collected only on day 21. The day 3 sample is optimal for assessment of ovarian reserves with the FSH and LH tests, while the other hormones are measured mid-luteal (day 21 commonly), when the level of hormones should be optimal for a successful pregnancy.

  • Skin-Vitality-Profile

    Skin Vitality Profile

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    Skin is not only a major target of hormone action, it is also a site of local hormone synthesis, activation and metabolism. The range of hormones tested in the Skin Vitality Profile can help providers identify hormone deficiencies or excesses that are contributing to skin problems.

  • Sleep-Balance-Profile

    Sleep Balance Profile

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    When the master stress hormone cortisol is chronically elevated, particularly at night, it inhibits sleep and leads to lower melatonin levels. In addition to stress-related sleep disturbances, melatonin levels naturally die as we age – triggering further imbalances. The Sleep Balance Profile – the first four-point test offers a complete diurnal pattern of melatonin and cortisol to help patients struggling with hormone-related sleep imbalances.

  • Weight-Management-Profile

    Weight Management Profile

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    The Weight Management Profile can detect key hormone imbalances that undermine patients’ best efforts to control their weight. It identifies hormonal imbalances that contribute to obesity, weight gain, difficulty losing or sustaining a healthy weight, slowed metabolism, increased body fat deposition, and food/ sugar cravings. Used as a screening tool, it serves as an early indicator, of insulin resistance and risks for metabolic syndrome and diabetes.