Geneus™ - The leading Health & Diagnostic provider for DNA, Genetic Tests & Cancer Screening in Dubai, UAE


Through blood test, Geneus™ screens your DNA for the presence of 2,205 SNPs with known associations of over 350 medical conditions. The presence of a SNP in your DNA will not change over the course of your lifetime, making Geneus™ a once in a lifetime screening test.

Post test genetic counseling included

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Your DNA will be screened for Ancestry, Age related conditions, Allergies & Immune conditions, Cancers, Diabetes, Heart related conditions, HLA typing, Infertility & Reproductive health, Intellectual Abilities & Social Behavior, Liver & Kidney conditions, Metabolism & Eating Habits, Ophthalmological disorders, Thrombosis, Blood Clots & Bleeding disorders, & Other condition such as Male Baldness, Sleep Apnea, Restless Legs Syndrome etc.



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Blood in EDTA


4-6 Weeks

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