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How much – Optimist, Spontaneous, Social, Confident, Innovative, Self-Aware, Risk Taker, Stress Tolerant, Calm, Emotional, Strategic, Bon Vivant, Decisive – are you? Your personality is the result of the long interplay between your DNA, your cultural and social environment, and the decisions and experiences you get along the road. In other words, a healthy mixture of Nature (DNA and Objectivity) and Nurture (Environment and Perception).


Karmagenes offers the first DNA-based personality test. Its top-notch biotechnology links DNA from your saliva sample with 14 behavioral characteristics to define the role of DNA and Environment in shaping your current behavior.

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Additional information

Test Code

E3317, E3334, E3336


If you want to know what “Be Yourself” finally means? Get Karmagenes genetic test and figure out what is the hidden potential in your DNA. The test allows seeing the differences between your genes and your environment, a really valuable tool that can be helpful to better know your personality’s strengths and weaknesses, so you can improve where necessary.



Sample Type

Buccal Swab


3-4 Weeks

Sample Report