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Telomere Test

Understand Biological Age
vs Chronological Age

Purpose of Test

  • Telomeres are structures at the ends of chromosomes. It’s main function is to act as “caps” to protect genes in process of cellular division. Each time a cell divides a portion of the telomere is eroded slightly (a phenomenon known as the “end-replication problem”). When the telomeres reach a critically short length, cell division stops and these cells enter replicative senescence or apoptosis, and eventually die.
  • Critically short telomeres contribute to the onset of chronic and age-related diseases including heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, some cancers, among other pathologies.

About Test
Telomere length serves as the biomarker of the cell’s replicative capacity, which defines the biological age of the individual. Hence it is an excellent indicator of an individuals’ overall general health status. Secondly, by knowing the biological age one can get a better understanding of the lifestyle habits that impact the aging process. This affords the opportunity to make appropriate changes. Periodic re-testing to measure the results can help monitor the progress. Thirdly, the test will allow for more personalized medicine as doctors are increasingly treating patients taking into consideration their biological age.



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Telomere testing is a valuable emerging diagnostic tool within the area of functional and preventive/personalized medicine with a number of clinical applications including:
• An overall global biomarker of health and the programs and treatments designed to optimize healthy aging
• Early detection of chronic/age-related diseases
• Stratifying risk
• Prognosis determination
• And for tailoring treatments


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