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Quality Policy


The management and staff  at Eastern Clinical Laboratories (ECL) takes  adequate measures to ensure that quality care is given to all patients, without showing any discretion.

The service offered by ECL are cost-effective and fine-tuned to ensure that utmost care is taken and that the results are reliable, dependable and close to the true value.

All staff members are made to imbibe this philosophy and it’s part of our endeavour to maintain quality at every level. It is the responsibility of all staff to get familiarize themselves with the content of the Quality Manual and associated documents at all times.

The laboratory and management are committed to good professional laboratory practice and to comply with the Quality Management Systems as an International Standard by ISO 15189.



Eastern Clinical Laboratories (ECL) carries out its medical laboratory testing, activities meeting the requirements of:

  • ISO 15189 : 2012
  • DHA Regulations
  • DAC Criteria

ECL is totally dedicated and committed to provide medical laboratory diagnostic services, giving top priority to the quality of the results for all the samples received by the laboratory.

The laboratory is committed to producing reliable patient test result in a manner necessary to ensure appropriate and timely patient care.

The laboratory will strive to produce reliable patient test results by a continuing process that promote efficiency with technology that is appropriate to the laboratory mission and operated by ECL staff who are trained and competent to perform the work.