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Sleep Awareness Month: How to Balance your Hormones for Better Sleep?

Balanced hormones really do mean a balanced life. One’s moods, emotions, vitality and even the quality of sleep depend on the body's chemical messengers. To be able to finally clock those eight uninterrupted hours one must balancing these hormones first. 1. Melatonin It is the hormone that regulates the daily rhythm - melatonin production shoots up at night to tell the body that it's time for bed and decreases in the morning as a signal to wake up. There are several things [...]


DNA Profiling and Banking

Imagine your child - who has barely reached the age where he is able to identify himself properly - has gone missing, or that you have a family history of a fatal disease that you want to act on it before it’s too late. The solution lies in an infinitesimal fragment known as DNA. An individual’s DNA profile, also referred to as ‘genetic fingerprint’ is a permanent means of identification. It paves the way through a person’s biological ties [...]


A Comprehensive Story of You

Would you like to seek greater knowledge about where you come from - a trace of lineage hundreds of years into the past? If you answered yes to that question, then it’s your lucky day! With the new ancestral testing, it has become easier than ever to trace back your heritage and figure out where your ancestry lies. How Your DNA Works There is only one unique YOU. You are made up of a distinct set of chromosomes that are passed [...]