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Movember: The Hairy Tale Month

The 30 day ‘No shave November’ challenge started in 2003 with two friends from Australia attempting to bring back the moustache to the forefront of fashion. It soon grew into a larger vision when they drew inspiration from breast cancer awareness and decided to dedicate November towards Men’s Health Awareness, simply naming it “Movember”. What started off as a mission to promote research on prostate cancer, has today expanded its issues to that of testicular cancer and mental health. The [...]

You Love The Food But The Food Doesn’t Love You

Ranging from itchiness and hives, to gasping and possibly Anaphylaxis, (a rapidly progressing and life-threatening allergic reaction requiring immediate first aid treatment, with an EpiPen adrenaline injection), the estimated 15 million Americans who have food allergies, is on the rise. Clearly, what you enjoy eating can be bad for you, or even downright dangerous. This is particularly significant for the 5.9 million children under the age of 18. That’s 1 in 13 children, or two in every classroom who [...]

Be alert! Know the facts about Colorectal Cancer

  More than 90% of Colorectal Cancer occurs to people aged 50 and above. According to an article in Gulf News1, "In the UAE, colon cancer in Emirati men occurs at an earlier average age of 47 compared to 50 in the West."  There is said to be more incidence of CRC in men as compared to women. How does it develop? Most commonly begins with a polyp in the innermost layer of the colon or rectum. In some cases the growth [...]