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Thyroid disorder

Fire Up Your Thyroid

Did you know that five per cent of the population in the UAE suffer from thyroid disorders? Unfortunately, the credibility of this statistic is low because most sufferers are unaware of their condition.

The Science

Thyroid disorders are conditions that affect the thyroid – a butterfly-shaped gland in the front of the neck. The thyroid plays an important role to regulate numerous metabolic processes throughout the body and depends on the utilization of iodine to produce hormones.

Various Faces Of Thyroid Disorders

Coping and Treatment

While thyroid is not untreatable, it requires a great deal of patience and time before signs of recovery are evident. Diagnosis and consultation with a physician is essential for proper recovery. However, there are some natural remedies that are effective too.

  • Avoid soy and gluten: Soy is damaging to your thyroid gland because it blocks essential nutrients necessary for the thyroid to function properly. Gluten is extremely inflammatory and acidic and is a major cause of thyroid dysfunction.
  • Use coconut oil: Coconut oil does not interfere with T4 to T3 conversion like many cooking oils do. It also supports GI and immune health, which are key in aiding the thyroid. Moreover, coconut oil increases your metabolism and helps you lose weight. So make sure to consume at least 1 tablespoon of Virgin Coconut Oil a day.
  • Optimize your Vitamin A, D and K2 levels: Vitamin D can be obtained by spending 20 minutes to an hour in the sunlight each day. Vitamin A can be obtained through the diet by incorporating organ meats from healthy pasture raised animals, full fat milk and cream from grass fed cows and high quality cod liver oil.
  • Find ways to de-stress and detox: Stress is one of the worst thyroid offenders. The constant supply of stress chemicals, adrenalin and cortisol, produced by your adrenal glands interferes with thyroid hormones and leads to thyroid disease.

Tests At Eastern Biotech

Routine Blood Tests

  • Thyroid Profile – Basic (TSH/FT4/FT3)
  • Thyroid Profile – Advanced (TSH/FT4/FT3/TT4/TT3)

Specialized Tests

  • Essential Thyroid Profile (Blood Spot: TSH/fT3/fT4/ TPOab)
  • Comprehensive Thyroid Profile (Blood: T4/Tgbn/TSH/fT3/fT4/TPOab & Urine: I/Br/Se/As/Hg/Cd/Crtn)

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