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Tracing your Ancestry through DNA testing

It has been all over the news that Prince Harry and his girlfriend Cressida Bonas are related through their common ancestral blood relative Lady Georgiana Spencer-Churchill who happens to be aunt of Winston Churchill. How were they able to find out this relation? Through the revolutionary genealogical DNA tests.

This is not the first time that DNA tests have uncovered such interesting and eye-opening information. DNA tests have been widely used by individuals and in groups for understanding and finding their family origins, geographical roots and/or ethnic origins. Famous celebrities like Harrison Ford found out his Irish origins through the DNA tests. Hitler descended from the Jews that he detested so much. Even the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has been presented with a puzzle from her past. The DNA her daughter of Carol Thatcher shows that 24 percent of her genes are Middle Eastern. This Arab proportion is much higher than for most Brits. DNA test has been one of those radical advances in biotechnological world that has allowed us to uncover our roots like never before.

In the Middle East, it is common for many to want to do the DNA tests for various reasons:

  • Ancestral roots and family trees
  • To know if they are descendents of Abraham’s son
  • If they are related to the bloodline of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), through the two sons of his daughter
    Fatima Ezzahra: Hassan and Hussein
  • To find out which geographic distribution of haplotypes do they belong to in each province of Saudi Arabia
  • Percentage of each ethnicity in their blood group (African, European etc)
  • Link specific individuals to see whether they maybe cousins descending from a common ancestor
  • Prove or disprove the ancestry of people sharing the same last name

An individual’s DNA test provides little information on its own. It is not possible to take these numbers, plug them into a formula, and find out who the ancestors are. The marker numbers provided in the DNA test results only begin to take on genealogical significance once it is compared to results with other people and population studies. The test results are not meant for medical use. These are intended only to give genealogical information.

“Proper DNA Ancestry Testing can trace your ancestry back to your roots, and help you find out who your real ancestors are”, said Dr. Sanjida, PhD in Cell Biology, Research Director at Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences.

Genealogical DNA tests have become popular due to the ease of testing at home and their supplementing genealogical research. Usually the DNA tests are done by testing the saliva sample of the person. The saliva is then analyzed and the haplogroups in the DNA are compared with genetic information taken from thousands of men and women living all across the world.

One of the most common complaints among people doing the tests is how they are provided the results without giving them any explanations. A qualified genealogist is an essential part of the package to help the customers understand their report.

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